Here’s why creating is important. If we’re reacting or responding – like we do most of the time – we’re doomed to walk a path dictated by our past. Creating brings something new.

But here’s the rub: creating also springs from the past. Or does it?

I recently got wind of a new way to look at creating. As I work with it, it feels powerful. And wonderful.

Here’s what’s not new: creating begins with a dissatisfaction. There’s an urge toward a new possibility. It can look like a want or desire, but I think it’s better to frame it as a possibility.

My guides say to avoid laying on whys, whats, and hows. Just a movement towards a new possibility.

The next step is to check for alignment. Alignment with every aspect of self – higher self, mind, unconscious, body – even ego. Alignment with the Universe – guides, spirits, Source. It is here that the possibility gets tweaked until the words – or the expression of the possibility – feels pleasing to all concerned and accurately represents the highest good for all concerned. This is important because the Universe always works for the highest good of all. If I’m aligned with that, then I know my possibility must manifest.

Now we project ourself into the future – to a space and time where this new possibility fully exists. Spend some attention living in that place and allowing some details to show up. It’s just important to feel like you’re grounded there – in the unfoldment of the new possibility. It’s important to connect with it.

Here’s the new part: see the Now from this new place. Look back from the aligned future at the Now. Ask this simple question: What did I do Now that moved me directly toward this future? Come from the future in asking about what to do today.

Apparently this is a key to Neville’s writings. I somehow missed it when I glanced through his work. I’m sure we can learn more from him.

The point is that this way of seeing has us creating From the desired future – having the aligned result inform today’s actions. I find it’s a great way to focus on what’s important in the Now.

And it’s a great way to make sure that I’m not stuck creating my future only from the trouble of my past.

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