Your Business is ALIVE

You know how your business feels like it has a life of its own?

Do you know that information about this living thing can be known?

I’m not talking about your tax returns or financial statements. I’m talking about the soul of your business. Just like a psychic reads your soul, I read the soul of your business.

I access information about the health and vitality of this living business of yours. I analyze any group, system, or process in your business to find out how it’s doing and what it needs to thrive.

I receive information about what kind of attention your business needs from you in order to move forward. I help you understand your best next moves and how to implement them. I’m particularly attuned to what’s blocking your business from growing.

Because I’m a healer, I approach your business as a living entity that’s calling for attention from you. The sort of attention needed may be outside your current seeing. When we shift your perception of your living business we’ll access new possibilities.

This probably sounds a bit unusual to you. If you’re drawn to uncovering a new way to get a handle on your business, maybe give this a try. Like any reading, you’ll be able to tell quickly if it’s accurate and meaningful – or if it’s fluff and nonsense. You’ll be able to feel a kind of resonance that makes you want to go deeper – or not.

In our opening conversation you’ll be able to talk to your living business like it’s the third person at the table.

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