Creating Constructive Change

Changing your organization is never easy; it’s always necessary. I’ll help you reach inside the hearts and minds of your employees to reframe the way they see their work, focus on what’s important, and empower them to own change in their daily interactions.

Training to Manage Key Conversations

The way we talk inside our head matters. So does the way we talk with each other. In each interactive two-hour session we’ll focus on one of ten key conversations that deeply affect your business. Your employees will SEE their work and your business differently and will begin engaging their work world around this new way of seeing.

Straight Talk

Mostly we avoid conversations about things that matter because they can lead to trouble. In each interactive two-hour session we’ll work on a couple of “undiscussables” – problems or issues your employees hesitate to talk about in ways that bring resolution. We’ll learn how to create a safe space for these conversations together as we practice them, and begin dealing with the fear that’s always creating a barrier to straight talk.

New Manager Training

Your best worker does not automatically turn into your next manager. It’s a big shift for most employees and few receive ANY meaningful support through this transition. In each interactive two-hour session we’ll focus on one aspect of growing into new responsibilities. New managers – and their supervisors – will learn to SEE management and leadership in ways that empower and support them.

About Workshops

We’ll work in two-hour increments because I’ve learned that a meaningful conversation usually lasts about two hours. Two-hour sessions can be stacked as long as there are breaks between them. Breaks can be leveraged to move conversations forward and deepen relationships.

Workshops are usually taught on your home court. That’s easiest for you. We can find a nearby space if necessary.

The ideal number of attendees for each workshop is six-eight. This allows everyone maximum time to express themselves in the group. Groups up to twenty are easily managed.

Workshops work one-off. Conversations deepen and work improves with additional workshops. I’ll work with you to find the best topics and topic clusters, and to identify which employees you should send.

The price for workshops ranges from $30-40 per person per two-hour session. Extra costs might include food and beverage, renting an outside space, and materials.