Who I Am

I see now that “healer” is the organizing factor in my life adventure. This makes me smile. It’s been a challenge to try to make sense out of a resume that includes a wide variety of work and doesn’t begin to describe who I am.

I see now that all the work I’ve done is around healing. It’s been about empowering people to do great work. And to find joy in it. It’s been about restructuring organizations to do great work. And to profit from it.This is healing.

What’s shifting for me is that I am no longer focused on seeing the trouble. Or the trouble beneath the trouble. My seeing is aimed at healing the trouble. And I’m using all the tricks in the book to teach organizations and people to be whole.

I’m excited about work again. For awhile I was overwhelmed by the trouble. Now I see a way to bring my full self in service to creating a better world.

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