How I work

We talk. I listen to your story – learn about your needs and wants around your business and your life.

I’ll research your business and come up with a plan to move you forward. Because this work is organic, the plan will look like a set of principles and directions, with recommendations and more details around next steps.

We’ll talk. I’ll work to align you, your business, and the plan. We’ll reach an agreement.

From then on, I’ll appear when I’m needed to interact with you and your people. I’ll work off-site to develop documentation, conduct research – wherever I can be most helpful. I’ll move as quickly – or as slowly – as you choose.

I’ll pay attention to these possibilities:

  • analyzing potential improvements
  • identifying root causes
  • cutting waste
  • empowering people
  • documenting processes
  • installing actionable metrics
  • shifting culture
  • reducing employee and customer turnover
  • improving customer satisfaction
  • leveraging your time and money
  • improving morale

I’m available when you need me and strive to stay a couple moves ahead of the game so I’m ready to jump in when the time is right.

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