For me, service is core. One 85-year-old volunteer I worked with said it this way: When you’ve been around as long as I have, you finally figure out the only thing that has any meaning is service.

I don’t think service means doing. For me, it’s about being.

That means being in fit spiritual condition and showing up open to whatever unfolds. It means shining my light for whoever appears in the next situation. It begins with making eye contact and smiling consciously as I walk down the grocery store aisle or in a business group.

I often find what happens next is that eye contact and a smile are returned to me. And that’s wonderful. But it doesn’t end there.

People I’ve never met ask me how I’m doing. They break the ice – which is great for me because I’m up for meaningful conversation. It’s amazing how fast and deep these conversation can go when we’re both present.

When we part, we are both changed. There’s a glow or a buzz. That’s the feeling I want to spread. That’s my service.

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