Our beliefs anchor our work. Here are the beliefs that ground Roger’s work:

We humans love to work, even when it’s hard and uncomfortable – as long as work has meaning – as long as we’re contributing – as long as we’re learning and expressing ourselves.

Rog believes in meaningful conversation. Humans communicate – it’s who we are. Too often, people separate from each other, forgetting how to communicate clearly from their head and their heart. We are uplifted in meaningful conversation. Rog pays attention to key conversations. The way we talk to each other matters.

Rog believes in peace. No meaningful conversation, no clear thinking, no love is possible except in a ground of peace. Too often, peace is sacrificed – given up to anger, frustration, violence, and mindless head chatter. Rog is a peace maker.

Rog believes in people. Humans are incredible beings, even locked in physical form. Too often systems limit expression in ways that fail to serve individuals or the whole. Rog gets turned on when people thrive and express themselves fully.

Rog believes in community. Humans work best – express best – in groups – even when it’s sticky. Too often, groups drive good workers away with their dysfunctional drama. Rog loves the spirit of a team coming together to share both work and the fruits of work.

Rog believes in possibility. Change is the ground of our being in form – it’s simply what is. Too often changes are thrust upon us, make no apparent sense, create problems, cause trouble. Too often, humans resist change without thinking. Rog is invigorated by the next opportunity and he embraces possibility.

Rog believes in asking hard questions. Much of the world around us doesn’t work well, isn’t beautiful, lacks peace, appears loveless. Too often, we accept this version of the world without questioning it. Rog always looks for the most difficult question as a door to deeper understanding and empowerment.

Rog believes in magic. Our world is far greater than our mundane perceptions. Much of the action that affects daily life happens “off stage” – in realms we can access only through persistent practice. Rog lives in this larger world and brings back information, guidance, and healing beneficial to his clients.

Through business we can bring Light into the world.