Process teams that work

“I never knew that’s why you needed the goldenrod copy!” “When did we start doing it that way?” “Why are you doing THAT?!” Many business problems live and breed in the cracks between departments.

“Process” is a way of seeing work. Seeing work as process let’s us use powerful tools to help us:

  • Standardize work so it gets done the same way every time
  • Make work predictable so we can make commitments to our customers
  • Measure how well work is being done
  • Test ideas about ways to do work better
  • Train and retrain workers
  • Keep work from falling in the cracks

Seeing business as a series of processes and using process tools helps us understand work in ways that get us into action to improve results. More important, once we’re in action to improve work, these tools help us understand what’s working and what’s not working, and what to do next. Seeing work as process creates a never-ending game of improvement.

A team is a group of people committed to a common goal and to each other. When people come together to improve a business process and support each other, we’re creating an environment that supports great work.

  • Everyone may join in uncovering root causes – the ones hidden deeply in the-way–we-do-things-around-here – the ones that always lead to problems.
  • Everyone begins to accept responsibility for setting and sustaining the pace of improvement.
  • Everyone begins to own their piece of the conversation, which leads to owning their piece of the work.
  • Everyone may exercise their personal power in the context of agreements about the work.

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