Free Coffee

  • Join me for coffee to talk business – your business!
  • Dive into the issues that keep you up at night.
  • Explore opportunities to reduce waste and grow your business.
  • No charge; coffee is on me.
  • Email Roger to set up a time and place to meet.

Low Hanging Fruit: Waste Reduction Offer

  • 40% of any business is waste. It’s not always easy to pin down or quantify. When you’re drowning in waste, you can’t move. There’s no energy. It’s overwhelming sometimes.
  • We’ll pick an area to get started.You can sense where there’s waste.
  • Together we’ll describe the process. We’ll highlight what’s working and what’s not.
  • I’ll talk with your key people to get their take.
  • I’ll distill this information and suggest a couple areas to target. I’ll estimate the waste I see there and validate that with you. You’ll pick one.
  • I’ll make recommendations to leverage process improvements there and lay out a simple road map to get things started.
  • For an additional fee I’ll coach you and your people to whatever degree you see necessary. I’ll provide insight and share observations and tools to make change sustainable. I’ll write, research, talk, or broom the shop floor to help you succeed.
  • Is this your next step toward a more sensible, profitable, business?

Besides giving you as much value as I can at our meeting, we’ll want to find out if we’re a match for any follow-on work.