Improving Productivity of Workers and Volunteers

Although many problems plague business owners and leaders, if workers and volunteers own their work and show up committed to pulling in the same direction, there’s a feeling of hope.

When workers and volunteers aren’t committed to their work, each other, or the mission, it’s always an uphill struggle. It’s that simple.

For me, there’s no greater frustration than the waste of human potential. As I see it, the natural pull is towards personal pride in good work. People love to serve, and worship leaders who create opportunities for them to shine.

So what’s the problem? Customers love great service; workers love great work; owners reap benefits when all the pieces line up. Somehow, the pieces are way out of line: customers aren’t happy, workers aren’t working, owners aren’t prospering.

After years of watching this silliness, and experimenting with ways to work the pieces into alignment, we’ve developed simple, straightforward tools to bring sense to business.

If you’ve got a single employee or volunteer who is not pulling their weight, or worse, who is sabotaging your organization, I can help. If it’s a group or team that’s causing trouble, I can help. If it’s everyone, I can help!

Contact me for a free initial consultation – you buy the coffee. Fees are negotiable for this special service. The idea is to get things turned around and moving in the right direction as quickly and as painlessly as possible, and in a way that keeps them moving forward.

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