I’m Different

I get it. People in business don’t see what I see.

That’s ok. It makes me uniquely valuable to those willing to take a close look at what I see. There’s magic there. And much leverage to improve business practices and results.

But it’s not easy. I’ve spent a lot of time learning to see, and a lot of time learning to communicate what I see. Much of what I reveal feels true to people even if they don’t entirely understand it.

I see business as nested systems. I see parts and pieces – and the connections between them. I see movement – and stuckness. I see flow – and blocks. I listen to the way people speak to each other and what is – and isn’t – said.

This stuff takes place in the physical realm. I also access information beyond the physical. I interact with the energy of the people, groups, ideas, and history of a business. I look for clarity of purpose and alignment with it. I feel pain and trouble. I seek unknown information that needs to be known.

Fortunately, I’ve spent years applying what I see to make changes that improve the lives of people and the results of business. I’ve made a lot of mistakes trying to bring meaningful change in simple, straight-forward ways. I’ve learned a lot!

Now I tap into guidance from the unseen world to help me move desired action forward. That’s magic.

And, it works!

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