If You Get Stuck

It all comes back to one issue. For everyone. Almost every time.

Whenever I see blocking or irrational behavior my question is simply “What are you afraid of?” Where’s the fear here. No right thinking – no right action comes from fear. Simple – but not easy.

If you’re a business leader you’ll have no trouble finding things to be afraid of. If they aren’t things in the environment around your business, they’ll be in your business. And if not there, they’ll be inside you.

That’s ok. The last thing we want is to be afraid of fear. That’s being really stuck.

There’s good news about fear: it cannot stand the light. Calling out your fear usually causes it to disappear quickly. If not, there’s probably a deeper fear blocking the first one from coming to light. We need to expose that one.

Fears come from our past. Bad things happened – or we imagined bad things happening – and we project that stuff on our future. Then we worry.

Fear can also be triggered by something in our present which reminds/resembles something bad from our past. Once fear is launched it will fester until it’s exposed. That’s part of our work.

How about a short list, just to serve as a reminder of some of the places our mind visits more often than we’d like. Fear of failure, success, looking bad, making a mistake, hurting another, losing things we care about, losing people we care about, getting caught, getting punished, being judged. Fear of death – fear of dying. It goes on.

The point is that fear is like weather. If we’re operating in a climate of fear, everything we’re experiencing is seen through this cloud. We see trouble everywhere. And where we don’t see it, we make it up.

This fear colors every decision. When we look at it this way, it’s difficult to imaging making good decisions from the cloud. Which brings me back to where I began: whenever I see blocking or irrational behavior I look for the fear.

And then we find that fear and lay it out on the table. It loses its effect. The weather changes. The sun comes out. You can see again. We can check into this fear – where it came from, why it’s there, the message in it today. We can do some healing around it.

And then we can get back into action!

Bring me your fear! First session is Free!

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