I gotta change too!

After working in and around business for many years, I now see that effectively navigating change is the key to sustainable growth. Our relationships and how we see each other set the stage for underlying communication vital to a vibrant organization.

When I’m not doing my own thing, I’ve often served as #2, where my primary focus was on “the way we do business around here.” That includes processes and continuous improvement, dealing with employees, and establishing a positive culture that supports good work and happy workers. In this role I’ve stretched myself to identify and practice ways to make change smoother.

Along the way, I was guided through an unwritten curriculum of spiritual learning and personal development. Life classes included healing modalities, guided writing, mysticism, and awakening. I’m deeply connected with Nature – from early beginnings creating an indoor apartment jungle to founding a landscape design/build company to becoming a plant whisperer.

Now I see that these two facets of my life must be combined in a way that brings magic to business. My learning and experience allow me to see things in uncommon ways – to open the door of perception to those I help – to uplift, inspire, and empower. I am entirely an agent of our Higher Power, which works through me to help you move into inspired action. Through business, we can bring light to the world.

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