Starting Over

Big change is usually not easy. Sometimes, it’s necessary.

Evolution takes baby steps. Mostly. Until it makes a leap. Leaps are unpredictable – we don’t know when they’ll come or where we’ll land. We run our daily lives around incremental progress; we always keep our eyes open for possible breakthroughs.

The step before breakthrough is breakdown. Things stop working. There are too many old problems. Fixing no longer does the job. You can feel it.

Sometimes it’s your computer systems that break down. Maybe it’s your marketing that stops working. Could be your employees aren’t getting it done. Maybe a product or service or supplier reaches the end of its life.

Then we stop. Look with clear eyes at what’s working and what’s not. Re-examine our mission and our dreams. Check in with the market. Feel deeply into the space that is our business.

From this seeing – this space of questioning – a new path emerges. Energy and attention begin shifting to the new ideas. The new way comes to life.

In a moment, a decision is made. In this moment, both breakdown and breakthrough exist simultaneously.

Then the gears begin to grind as the old comes apart. Some old pieces are salvaged – some re-purposed. Some are discarded. New processes are taking shape. Resources are moving to their places in the new order.

The transition from one system to another is itself a system. It demands attention and energy. This required energy is difficult to muster in the midst of managing a crumbling old system and reinventing a bright new one. Implementing in transition is tough!

It gets even tougher when we’re hanging on to old stuff for reasons that don’t support the transition. Old beliefs. Mindless conventions. Hoarding. This is when we must make a clean break with the old and jump fully into the new.

I recently blew up my old business model. My website was hacked beyond reasonable repair. My needs have changed. I want to bring myself more fully into my work. It was time to start over.

And I am glad. I could feel the staleness of my old ideas. I could see they weren’t working. I could feel my unhappiness. I could see how stuck I had gotten.

I feel much lighter today – more in motion. We’ll see what shows up from here!

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