Free Offer

I invite you to join me for a meaningful conversation about you, your work, and whatever is troubling you most. Let’s see if we can find a new way of seeing your trouble that gets you into action feeling uplifted and inspired.

Your first session with me is my gift to you. I want you to experience your first session without any concern about money. I want you to enjoy this session without thinking about exchanging value with me.

I love doing this work – I’m uplifted and inspired when I work with business owners. That’s what I’ll get out of our first session – even if it’s our last session.

But I hope it won’t be our last. I hope we establish a relationship that grows and prospers. I hope we find ways we can support each other.

We won’t know until we try.

Our first session can be in person at your office. Let’s plan on about an hour.

Bring me your trouble – the one that’s got you stuck today. It doesn’t matter how challenging it is – I want to focus on what’s important to you in the Now.

Our session will take the shape of a meaningful conversation. Listening and sharing. Learning about each other as we go.

We’ll look for a root cause of your trouble – one that can be addressed today. I’ll help you figure out how to move forward – maybe a new tool – certainly some next steps that will get you in action.

Please ask any questions that come to mind at any time during the session.

I won’t watch the clock – unless you need to break off at a certain time. I’d rather allow our conversation to run its course. Usually, that takes about an hour for our first session.

At the conclusion of our session, you’re under no obligation to hire me. You may want to get to work right away. You may want to think about it for awhile. You may find yourself in trouble down the line and reach out to me. All fine.

I want you to leave every session feeling empowered and uplifted – with a new way of seeing your trouble and specific next steps to move forward.

To schedule your Free session, just send me an email. Let me know when is a good day and time for you.

Because I want to deal with whatever trouble is bothering you today, I don’t schedule initial sessions more than one week in advance. I set aside time for only a couple initial sessions each week.

I’m happy to come to your place of business in San Diego County for our initial session. If you’d rather meet somewhere else, let me know and we’ll arrange a suitable alternative.

In your email, please write a couple sentences about you and what you’re up to. It’ll help me make the connection with you.

I’ll email back and we’ll find the right time and place.

I think you’re reading this because you’ve tried everything you can think of to move beyond this current trouble – and you’re still stuck. You need a new way of seeing – one that reveals light at the end of the tunnel and gets you in action. This is my work.

I look forward to working together!