Deja Vu All Over Again

It’s easy to get bogged down in our own self-sabotage. We’re good at it. We’ve been practicing a long time. It feels terrible and it drives our energy down, making us less and less productive – less and less fulfilled – less and less happy. And more and more stuck.

There are many techniques to breaking free from Stuck. You probably have a couple that work for you at least some of the time. That’s good!

What about those times when nothing in the tool bag helps? Where do you turn? What’s your next move?

I would guide you to look at the meta-process of self-sabotage: what get’s you in – what keeps you in?What’s in it for you? What do you gain by being stuck?

What are the circumstances when stuckness comes? What’s happening around you? How do you feel? You’ll want to examine this from a higher place – a place that allows you to SEE it – to access it.

To break the cycle.

That’s the important game. We certainly want to see Stuck coming and act quickly before we fall into the mire. We want to be able to grab the right tools when we’re in the mire to get us moving. But the real challenge – and the big payoff – is to stop self-sabotage entirely.

What do your self-sabotage patterns look like?

Go deeply. Look carefully. Bring a quiet mind – without assumptions. Call yourself out on the patterns you’ve developed over time to cope with what’s coming at you. These patterns now lead you into trouble.

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