Cannabis Business Consulting

Like many in the exploding cannabis business space I was sucked in rather than making a conscious decision to move in this direction. Sometimes that’s how it works!

A consulting client who uses me to research and open new business opportunities asked me to get him into the cannabis space. Deep dive. The deeper in I got the more I felt there was a place for me somewhere in here. It took awhile to see that I was already doing the work I love.

At last I’m working in ways that combine my passion for organizational development, my love of plants and nature, my healing and mystical bent, and my desire to help people awaken. That’s a blessing!

Experience working in growing, retail, wholesale, and supply chain management, as well as HR and IT, allow me to SEE cannabis businesses in their growth habits and patterns. Practice in change management  and continuous quality improvement help me get to leveraged action quickly. My connection to the unseen world brings magick to the entire process.

From the beginning of my research, I’ve contacted and worked with Cannabis Spirit. This provides a little different perspective on the evolving industry that you might have experienced.

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