Burnout Happens

Burnout happens. If you’re driven, you always find yourself taking on more than you can possibly do. If you’re not, you find yourself bored. So, how do you cope with burnout?

If you’re good at your work, you get more, and you may find yourself locked in place as your value increases. If you’re not, you move from new work to new work, overloaded by constant learning and adapting to new situations. Where’s the joy in that?

You may also feel burnout when you’re not doing your True Work. Have you ever found yourself stuck doing work you don’t enjoy? When is it time to move on?

In today’s economy, you may be doing the same work six people did in a former day. And it’s not going to lighten up any time soon. Eventually, you’ll break under the load. When can you drop it an move on?

As usual, there are at least two ways to address your situation. But first, stop. I don’t mean stop working – I mean take a timeout. Breathe. Create a little space for a solution to show up for you – a new way of seeing.

Burnout HappensIn this little space, opportunities may appear. Burnout does not go away quickly or easily. You need to make some changes. But you don’t want to make changes without taking care of yourself, because change requires energy – the energy you’re lacking when you’re burned out.

In this little space, as opportunities begin to appear, also ask “How can I take better care of myself?” After all, the reason you’re working has somthing to do with a better tomorrow; if you don’t take better care of yourself today, there can be no better tomorrow.

Pay attention to the little space you’re creating – it’s where your new life opens up. Feed the little space. Take care of yourself. Allow possibilities to arise. But don’t take action yet.

Bring joy into the little space. In your quiet moments, focus your attention on joy. Where is there joy in your life right now? It doesn’t have to be a big thing – just find it. And then feed it. How can you, in the little spaces, feed the joy already in your life.

As the little space grows with your attention, fill it with joy and possibilities. Care for it. Nurture it. As you do, you’ll be nurturing your future – and your now.

In the little space lies the answer to your burnout.

Tough Choices

Tough choices. It’s come down to this: A or B. Trouble is, you’re not liking either choice. Now what?

Stop. In most cases, there are still two options you may not have considered.

Tough ChoicesThere first option is C. You may have heard the A-or-B choice referred to as the “horns of a dilema.” The idea is that you only get to choose between being gored by the bull’s right horn or his left one. Most often, however, there is a middle way.

If you’ve structured your way out of your current situation as an A-or-B choice, you may not being seeing clearly enough to spot the C option. That’s one reason to stop. You’ve got to separate yourself from the entire mess long enough to see it differently.

In my experience, when I’m separated and have calmed down a bit, I see option C – and D, E, and F. I wonder what I was thinking when I limited myself to only two choices!

Your second option is to choose joy. When you stop and get settled, choose joy. Then look for the joy in the situation. Look in the trouble – look in option A – look in option B – look out in space.

This changes your frame of reference. With a new frame aimed for joy, you’ll see things differently. Then see what shows up. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll have to choose A or B – but you’ll do it knowing exactly where the joy is for you!

If it looks like tough choices, remember to stop and look again.

Spiritual Marketing

Spiritual Marketing


it’s about more than your website

it’s about you

and your relationship

to your work

to your customers


become an opening

to align all this

with your true calling

and prepare yourself

to thrive


we give

and we receive

this is law


put yourself in the way

of abundance

in all things


open yourself

to possibilities



in this way

you are renewed

Who is Your Partner in Joy?

Who is that person in your life who helps you get back on track? The one you can count on to help you reconnect with joy? This person may or may not be ever-joyful, but when you come around in a funk, they know it right away. They seem to know just what to say or do to snap you out of it.

I hope you’ve got a partner in joy. Contact that person now.

If not, or if your joy buddy isn’t available, remember: Someone near you is choosing joy now.  Can you find him or her? Can you connect? Can you share their joy?

It’s difficult for us to ask for help. Even for a hug. It’s just not part of our Lone Ranger culture. Joy works better with a partner. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

Blocks to Joy Get You Off Track

Blocks to JoyHere’s where we get off track.

Here’s where we get stuck.

Beware. Notice a drop in your joy-o-meter.

And then choose again!

Blocks to joy

  • Bad attitude: Attitude is infectious. Attitude is your choice – choose wisely.
  • Judgment: Judgment moves you away from truth – and joy.
  • Expectations: Expectations generate impatience and frustration – never joy.
  • Stories: Everything is a story – what story are you telling now?
  • Beliefs: All beliefs are wrong; some are helpful. Does this belief support joy?
  • Interruptions: If our whole life is an interruption, where’s the space for joy?
  • Control: If someone is controlling you, they’re taking away your choice.
  • Victims: If you give up your choice, you’ve chosen to be a victim.
  • Blame: Blame is righteous indignation – anger with justification.
  • Scoreboard: You’ve got the data to prove life is not fair – you made it up.
  • Fear: Your life is a moment-to-moment choice between joy and fear.

Learn to recognize these blocks to joy. Then step back and choose again!

Become The Expert in Your Field

Credibility is your personal concern. The Expert is the master of credibility. Becoming The Expert In Your Field means you understand who you are, what you do, and how to project that outward. There’s a sense of confidence that comes with this knowing. This simple little book quickly helps you get clear and on track as you step into your power as The Expert In Your Field.

I don’t think there’s anything quite like this little book. After I ran the gauntlet as a new self-published author, and began to teach other aspiring writers, I was challenged to say what I meant by “becoming the expert in your field.” After some research and inspiration, I created a two-page handout that looked like a detailed outline. It has been routinely well-received.

When the muse stuck again, moving me to publish the handout, I knew it needed to be fleshed out – I just didn’t know how much. What unfolded is still very clean and very much to-the-point – no fluff. The added work has primarily to do with two simple-but-not-easy exercises that bring the original outline to life.

I’m pleased with the way it turned out and confident that it can and will make a huge difference in the lives of those who read and apply it. What more can an author ask of his work?

Pricing written material is even more a random exercise today than it was when I first published. I believe every reader will take away more than $9.99 in value – that’s what’s most important to me.

I think everyone who owns their own business will benefit from reading and practicing this ebook – including those who would like to own their business but haven’t taken the leap yet. This is particularly true of those who employ the writer-speaker-consultant model of serving – but also works for auto mechanics and landscapers.

I think the work goes beyond being successful in business – this is just good marketing after all. It touches on the core of who we are, what we do, and how we show up in the world. Though simple, I’ve found value in repeating the exercises whenever I get a little sideways with the world. It always brings some insight which helps me move forward with a bit more spring in my step.

If you choose to purchase a copy and do the work, please enter a review on Smashwords. We authors love feedback from readers! Thanks, and read on!

Mission, vision, bla, bla, bla

What is the crucial ingredient that makes business run successfully? I love  reading all the answers provided by business writers and consultants. Each  one sounds a little different from the rest. I suppose that’s just good marketing.

Some experts like to start at the beginning. Where is the beginning anyway? Have you ever met someone who is at the beginning? Can you remember a time in your own life when nothing proceeded that moment? I guess you can draw a line in the sand and call that a beginning if you’d like.

Some experts like to start at the top. After all, that’s where the power is. Nothing happens without direction from leaders, right? As I see it, a lot happens without direction, or even acknowledgement, or knowledge from the top. If it didn’t, I can’t think of a single business that would still be around.

Some experts like to start with the clients. Remember them? If we just provide them what they say they want, when they say they want it, and deliver it to their doorstep at a price they’re delighted to pay, we can’t help but succeed! Ha!

And then there are those experts who like to begin with the vision and mission. If we don’t know where we’re going, we’ll get anywhere, they say. It’s hard to argue that. Unless you’ve ever read some vision and mission statements and compared them to what’s actually happening in the business. Or asked workers about them.

So, you’re probably expecting me to give you the answer about now. Rog will probably say that business begins with joy – that’s his answer to almost every question.

Well, I don’t think so. Business is a system – a complicated system that involves a tremendous number of pieces and variables. No one piece serves as a beginning, or a controller, or even a direction. They all work – or don’t work – together.

So, even though there are levers – places in the system where small actions lead to disproportionately large changes – beware of the quick fix. Don’t be suckered by the seven steps to this or the five stages of that.

Defining visions and missions is a process that can help clarify business. It’s nice to know where you’re going. But maybe all that’s possible is to think you know where you imagine you’d like to be. And that’s a lot!