There’s got to be a better way. What is it? And how do we make the transition to that? This is loop that’s played inside my head my whole life.

My dad was an efficiency expert for a big utility in Chicago. From him I learned to see life around me as embedded systems and daisy-chained processes.

I use two ways to discern my way forward through continuous improvement of my work and life. Years of experimenting with change in different types and styles of business led me to study organizational development theory and practice – to take the best research and stories and adapt them to whatever challenge my organization faced. Trial and error. This is the grounded way.

I’ve also developed my intuition. Much of the information I need in the moment is available  beyond the world of our physical senses. I access this unseen world for information only available there. Getting “the rest of the story” makes a huge difference in daily decision-making.

I love meaningful conversations. Among my favorite conversations are deep engagements with business owners and leaders about their biggest challenges. I use my experience and intuition to look for the juice in what I’m hearing.

And then I follow my leads to get to the core of the problem.

What leveraged action can be taken now to begin working down the trouble?  I look for a treatment that addresses root causes at the same time it lessens current symptoms. I understand that nearly all businesses do not have the capacity to make sweeping changes. What change can be made that will open the door to a healthier business?

I don’t like to stop there. I prefer to stay with the implementation of the change so I can nurture its success. Part of my support is supporting you through implementation.

I respect people who lead and manage businesses. This work deeply impacts employees and customers, suppliers and communities. I think the way we don’t support our business leaders is a big problem in our world today. I believe my greatest impact lies in helping business leaders deal with their deepest troubles so they can bring a stronger presence to their work.

We won’t know If we’re a good match until we meet and talk. That should take about an hour. Your first session is FREE.